Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is essential for writers, filmmakers, artists, and companies to reach and engage an audience for a story or service. 

As former marketing coordinator at Hugo House, Sarah built up the literary center's social media networks and increased the House's followings by thousands on its channels. She has taught classes on the subject at Hugo House to writers and had private tutorials with dozens of writers and small business owners looking to become acclimated the world of social media or develop a strategy tailored for their message and product.

Through Tall Firs Productions, we not only offer tutorials and development of social media strategy, but we also offer start up packages to get people started. On top of educating our client about social media and how to best utilize it, we can create social media channels tailored to the individual and cultivate a network so at the time of the tutorial, you can start posting to followers and begin engagement with your online community.

Rates for tutorials, start up packages, and a tune up for your existing social network, contact us at info at


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