Video Production

With over a decade of experience in writing, editing, directing, producing, motion graphics, DVD authoring, voice acting, and more; Tall Firs Productions (also known as Samudre Media) offers a full-scale media production studio for creative projects, book trailers, music videos, corporate tutorials and marketing assets, non-profit promotional and grant videos, as well as event videography.

We offer:

  • script writing/storyboards
  • directing
  • editing
  • green screen
  • event videography
  • animation/motion graphics

Contact us at info at for a more detailed look at our portfolio, resume, and rates.

Below is a trailer for our award-winning documentary Promised Land, sponsored by 4Culture and San Francisco Film Society, and debuted fall of 2016 in festivals and select theaters:

Here are a few other selection of videos from our portfolio:

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